How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency


How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency

Have you always thought about starting a social media marketing agency? What has stopped you from bringing this brilliant business idea to life? It is understandable how hard starting a business can be. Nonetheless, all it takes is courage, willpower and the right tips to get your business up running.

Today, we are going to guide you on how to start a social media marketing agency.


Pick A suitable Niche

Not unless you want to run a general marketing agency, the first and most crucial step is picking the right niche. In this scenario, a niche refers to the industries or platforms that you think you can thrive better in.

The first niche you should zero in is the one you intend to use as your platform. Let’s take Instagram for example. The platform’s ability to incorporate infographics can do wonders for your marketing agency. And it also allows interaction through Instagram likes and comments.


Secondly, you need to consider which industries you are going to venture into. Please be informed that various industries require different marketing campaigns. You should focus on an industry you have prior exposure to.


After finding the best platform and industry niche, you should define the scope of your business. What services are you going to offer? As a social media marketing agency, you can upload and schedule social media posts for a company, plan and implement their social media campaigns, and much more.

Create a Dominant Brand on Social Media

What kind of social media marketing agency will you be when you can’t conquer the depths of social media platforms? Most companies hire on the merit of previous work. Therefore before you go looking for clients, use those marketing measures to establish your brand on the platform you want to use. If you are going to use Instagram, diverse ways of how you can get Instagram followers.


Also, upload captivating content that will attract a lot of Instagram likes. If your marketing skills are a bit rusty, you can take an online refresher course to catch yourself up to speed with the latest trends.

Don’t forget you will need to work hard and hustle all the way.



Choose a Business Plan and Layout

All businesses need a plan to succeed. The structure ensures proper handling of duties and responsibilities which all contribute to the success of a business as well. In this step, you must first start by determining what structure is ideal for your media marketing agency. Is it going to be a partnership or are you going at it on your own?


If you are yet to come up with the name for your business, you should start brainstorming on one. A good name for your media marketing agency should be personalized, short, memorable, and relevant to your brand.


Don’t forget to set up the legal frameworks of your business. This includes applying for relevant licensing, registration, and taxes. If your business is a partnership, make sure you hire an attorney to make sure all parties are considered.

While planning the layout of your business, ask yourself if you will need an extra set of hands. For instance, you may need a financial accountant to go over payments and ensure your taxes are in check. Also as you expand, you may need to hire more marketing experts. You can also make use of scheduling tools that will help manage employees and other aspects of your business.


Set Up Your Fees

The next step in starting a social media marketing agency is coming up with the prices you will charge. As you start, you don’t want your fees to be too high or too low. Because high charges will scare away customers and lower charges can create the impression that you are not that good. Define your fees on whether you will be charging hourly or per services.

Do you need to buy instagram followers in order to have a successful IG page? Not really.

Look for Clients

Here comes the hardest part of launching a social media marketing agency – finding clients. One of the ways you can secure your clients is by gaining experience in the field. Working for other agencies will boost your knowledge and credibility. You can also use this platform to build a network of clients.

You can ask for referrals from friends and family. Chances are you will find a good number of clients from these sources. You can also lookup on social media and advertise your services. Facebook and Instagram ads can help you with that.

By adhering to the above guide, you can bring your idea of a social media marketing agency to life. As you work hard to find clients, ensure you adhere to ethical marketing practices. Feel free to also publish your best works on your social media platforms.

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