Antrodia cinnamomea magically regulates immunity in both directions

Antrodia cinnamomea magically regulates immunity in both directions


Antrodia cinnamomea has a variety of ingredients. Important ingredients include three compounds, superoxide dismutase, adenosine, polysaccharides (such as β-D-glucan), proteins (including immune proteins), and vitamins (such as vitamin B, tobacco Alkaline acid, ergosterol), trace elements (such as: calcium, phosphorus, germanium), nucleic acids, lectins, amino acids, sterols, lignin, blood pressure stabilizing substances, etc. Its functions include: anti-tumor, increase immunity, anti-virus, anti-allergy, anti-hypertension, inhibit platelet aggregation, reduce blood sugar, reduce gall bladder, drunk, anti-bacteria, protect the liver and so on. The main ingredients of wild Antrodia camphorata Triterpenoids Superoxide Dismutase: SOD Adenosine β- D- glucan β- D-glucan Immunity Protein Immunity Protein Vitamin B Vitamin-B Ergosterol Nucleic Acid Amino Acid Amino Acid Lectin Lignin Lignin Blood pressure stabilizing substance Antrodia Acid Trace elements: calcium, phosphorus, germanium Calcium, Phosphorous, Germanium.

The three-post compound is one of the most important chemical components of Antrodia camphorata, and it is also the source of bitter components in the extract of Antrodia camphorata. According to the current research results, the content of the three plaques in each Ganoderma lucidum is about 1~3%, while the single Antrodia cinnamomea has 15~45% of the three plaques content, which surpasses many Ganoderma lucidum and is the inherent king of Ganoderma lucidum. Title. The main functions of Santie are to inhibit the growth of cancer cells, inhibit the release of histamine, prevent allergies, promote liver function, promote platelet aggregation, and lower blood fat. The more the content and types of the three posts, the more medical value. It is confirmed from experiments that the Santie compounds can inhibit the proliferation of liver cancer cells. Hypertensive patients often suffer from stroke due to high blood pressure, which leads to rupture of cerebral blood vessels. The three-post compounds can effectively inhibit the activity of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE), thereby lowering blood pressure. The other three posts also have anti-inflammatory effects.

Many people who have allergic symptoms (such as food, breathing, skin allergies) due to allergies say that they can improve symptoms in a short time after taking Antrodia cinnamomea. This is because the three types of Antrodia camphorata have the function of two-way regulation of immunity. In addition to strengthening the immune system, it can also adjust the excess immunity. It can fundamentally prevent the release of histamine and prevent allergens from entering the body. Then cause allergies.

In terms of the basic theory of the five organs of Chinese medicine immunity: Chinese medicine believes that those with immune functions are mainly the “qi” of each organ of the five organs, and the main “positive qi” that can play the role of immune activity. Righteousness is a reflection of the body’s immune function and has the functions of defending against external evils, regulating Yin and Yang, and protecting the body. The complex life activities of the human body are closely related to the viscera, and the immune function is the embodiment of the visceral physiology. Therefore, “Lingshu·Ben Zang Pian” has “While the five organs are strong, the disease is crisp, and the body is crisp. Said. In other words, the immune activity is based on the visceral image. It takes viscera as the core and connects tissues, organs, meridians, qi and blood, body fluid, etc. to form an organic immune whole. The reason why traditional Chinese medicine is recognized by the world in terms of body immunity is because Chinese medicine adjusts the body’s immunity. Some Chinese medicines have a two-way regulating effect. When the body is not stimulated, it does not show its effect. When the body encounters stimulation Or any kind of disorder caused by injury, it can be restored to normal class of drugs. This adjustment effect is also called adaptation as it is. It refers to a two-way adjustment capability that enhances the body’s non-specific defense capabilities and develops in a favorable direction according to the physiological and biochemical conditions at that time. Many Chinese medicines have such adjustment capabilities. .

Because one of the characteristics of immunity is to maintain the self-stability of the body, and to adapt to the two-way adjustment of the original Chinese medicine, the excessively low function state is improved, and the hyperactive body state is reduced. In the hope of peace, this will undoubtedly stabilize the environment in the body and exert immune efficacy. , Has an important role in promoting. Other Yiqigu medicines such as ginseng, Acanthopanax senticosus, and Huangqi can improve the body’s reactivity, enhance the body’s defense against harmful stimuli, and enhance the body’s adaptability. Ginseng can prevent adrenal hypertrophy caused by ACTH, It can also prevent cortical atrophy caused by corticosteroids. Ginseng and Acanthopanax senticosus can both reduce dietary or adrenal hyperglycemia and increase hypoglycemia due to insulin. The Yupingfeng powder composed of Huangqi, Fengfeng, Atractylodes macrocephalae, and licorice can be adjusted in two directions with the level of the immune status, that is, the immune response is high and the immune response is low.


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