What the doctor does not tell you! The most complete recipe for cancer treatment! Cancer Treatment Secrets Open

What the doctor does not tell you! The most complete recipe for cancer treatment! Cancer Treatment Secrets Open

Cancer can make a healthy person as skinny, with a haggard face, and even make family members anxious and extremely worried. The root of such abominable evil has taken away how many good people in the world and how many regrets have left these patients. ‘S life and death is just because of those evil cancers, and took away a person’s life. Even if we are just people in the city who cannot rescue the world like a doctor, we can use some information we know to save ourselves and help our family Let us do the right thing for ourselves~ Follow the editor to discover the secrets of cancer treatment! !

2015 Cancer Treatment Secret 1: Treatment begins with understanding!

If you want to fight against cancer, you must first know what cancer is.

Cancer is actually a tumor. The so-called tumor is a kind of cells that have changed their temperament. They have deviated from the normal path of physiology and tend to grow in value, forming a new tissue mass, commonly known as a long tumor. There are benign and malignant tumors, and malignant tumors are cancers. Benign tumors will only grow locally to a limited extent, and at a slow rate. With few exceptions (those growing in important parts of the body such as the brain), they will not be life-threatening. Malignant tumors will not only grow rapidly and continuously, but also will invade during the growth process, destroying their adjacent normal tissues, and not only this, such malignant tumor cells can also pass through blood vessels or lymphatic vessels. Enter the circulation, invade other parts of the body, and then continue its malignant growth. This phenomenon is called “transfer.” However, the next development will be like cancer classification, according to the severity, to split into several levels.

2015 cancer treatment secret 2: prevention is better than cure?

This sentence is very much like a tongue twister sentence. It often appears in our lives, but it is really a very important thing. It needs to be regarded as a breath! ! The editor has also sorted out the very important ones before → Cancer tsunami strikes, and cancer prevention methods are very important! The first step in cancer prevention: Please do regular screening!

From this article, you can know more about the importance of preventing cancer!

In fact, it is really troublesome to prevent cancer, but for your precious life, those things may become a life-saving elixir, it is also a necessity!

Cancer prevention methods: 1. Lifestyle habits: for example, maintaining a regular lifestyle, proper exercise, and maintaining normal bowel movements

Used to quit smoking and betel nut.

Cancer prevention methods: Second, dietary habits: intake of balanced nutrition, regular quantitative, less irritating or chemically processed foods and do not eat moldy or charred foods.

Cancer prevention methods: 3. Living environment: Do not over-exposure to the sun, avoid exposure to radioactive substances, avoid contact with carcinogenic chemicals and beware of occupational disasters, such as human exposure to oil, asphalt, soot, tar, etc. will cause skin cancer; Inhalation of asbestos dust, mustard gas, coal tar gas, arsenic, etc. can cause lung cancer; long-term exposure to radiation can easily cause leukemia; frequent exposure to radioactive iodine, thorium, uranium, etc. can cause thyroid cancer and osteosarcoma; Workers are prone to prostate cancer and so on.

Cancer prevention methods: 4. Health checkup: At least one health checkup every year. Note the comparison of changes in liver function, lungs, breasts, uterus, esophagus, stomach, and intestines.

The above items are matters that need special attention! I hope everyone remembers to implement it in daily life!

2015 cancer treatment secret 3: anti-cancer product intake

We usually emphasize that the best grains, roots, eggs, fish and meat are all taken on average. If you eat them in the diet of the average person, there is nothing wrong with it. However, for difficult cancers, we must also treat the disease and find a more complete way to do it. Ingest!

Anti-cancer product recommendation 1: Edible fungus

Before I edited an article, I let everyone understand the benefits of fungi on the human body → eat more healthy fungi with high nutritional value! The nutritional components of fungi

This type of plant is the most ideal food for cancer patients, not only rich in nutrition, delicious, but also has strong anti-cancer activity. Such as shiitake mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, straw mushrooms, hericium erinaceus, agaric, white fungus, etc., are very suitable for making food edible fungi.

Anti-cancer product recommendation 2: fresh vegetables and fruits

Many vegetables and fruits contain the effect of inhibiting the formation of carcinogens in the body, and they have anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects. Such as vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C, cruciferous plants rich in detoxifying anti-cancer substances and flowering compounds, all belong to this category. Such as sweet potatoes, spinach, celery, etc., are fruits and vegetables containing nitrosamines that can destroy, decompose and prevent carcinogenic substances. And cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage and radish can be eaten more and often.

Anticancer product recommendation 3: Vitamin A food

Experiments have confirmed that vitamin A has a variety of anti-cancer effects, can fully play a role in preventing and inhibiting the occurrence of cancer in various parts and degeneration of lenticular epithelium. It is generally believed that it is effective in preventing and treating bronchial cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, gastritis and hepatitis. Animal liver, egg yolk, milk, cod liver oil are rich in vitamin A, but long-term or large amounts of vitamin A supplements will cause toxic reactions. It is better to ingest vegetables and fruits that can be converted to vitamin A from plants, such as carrots, green vegetables, Spinach, sweet potato, papaya, mango, tomato, etc.

2015 Cancer Treatment Secret 4: Surgery

The most direct method for cancer treatment is the surgery that the hospital will use. However, because the editor is neither a doctor nor a relevant medical staff, I dare to give everyone a reference according to the information that the editor knows.

In general, the methods of cancer treatment are divided into: surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. These three methods all rely on the doctor’s technology and the patient’s willpower. The process is very hard.


If the tumor has not yet tended to metastasize, that is to say, if the growth of the malignant tumor is quite limited and does not spread out and metastasize, then the surgical resection has a curative function.

Radiation therapy▼

Radiation therapy is the use of free radiation to treat cancer. The mechanism of treatment is to change the molecular structure of normal and cancer cells through a series of chemical reactions. The biggest change it produces is the change in the DNA (genetic material) of cancer cells; for example, it can completely kill cancer cells or reduce their ability to regenerate and replicate, and slow down the rate of proliferation and metastasis.


Any use of drugs to treat diseases can be called chemotherapy, but the term is currently mainly used for anti-cancer chemotherapy. The role of current anti-cancer drugs is to kill cancer cells, and in some cases also damage normal cells, so it is more challenging for chemotherapy to find a balance between eliminating tumors and reducing the benefits of cytotoxic reactions to normal cells. .

The editor tells you some of the relevant knowledge that you know, that is, everyone can know the secret of cancer treatment. In addition to maintaining a healthy schedule, if you have any problems, you must consult your doctor as soon as possible. Of course, you can also eat green products. The edible mushroom and mushroom health food developed by the technology company can help your own health!

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